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Ongoings :)

Life is still awesome. I get a perfect balance at work and at home.

I havent watched this movie in years but i keep thinking about 'American Beauty.' Hell, I dont even remember what the movie was about. But what I do remember about it is that Kevin Spacey went from some fancy demanding job to flipping burgers. I thought the very thought of doing something like that was completely absurd until about 6 months ago. I may have not taken as big of a job jump, but I do want credit for doing a similar thing. I Started working at kindercare in January 4th. It was a big pay cut with less benefits. No more paid good fridays, year end bonuses or wellness reimbursements. No more working overtime to get a little bit ahead on bills. Daycare, although discounted deeply, is only about 40 dollars less then what i was paying for a week at the previous daycare. Our bank account is screaming SOS.

(side note: need to remake budget)

But I am happier then a pig in shit. I look forward to what life has to offer me. I have a healthy balance going on. My job has hardly any stress to it. The teachers and staff i work with are upfront and honest. No more mandatory overtime sucking my family time. There were days at my old job that i didnt get to see Jimmy but only for 10 minutes in the morning. Now i get to see him whenever i feel like it. I spend my mornings eating breakfast with my family and then my dinner time and after dinner time with them. Its just... Amazing.
I didnt realize how much my boss was making my job miserable for me until i left. I no longer have to go to therapy to try and work out job issues and depression.

So far, I have lost 23 pounds. My skin feels better because i have time to take care of it. I am not pulling out as much of my hair as i was and its growing back.

I feel free.

Because of the loss of income I have picked up a new obsession. Extreme couponing...but reasonably. I am only getting the things my family can use. I am starting to stockpile, but not like 100 of the same thing, More like 4 or 5 of this or that.

I am not that great at it...but I am getting better. I know it sounds lame but I am getting things for like 30 cents and stocking up on them instead of running out and getting that thing for 5 dollars at last minute. I really hope it works to save us money. I have gotten alot of stuff for free and cut grocery bills in half. one time I even saved 70 dollars of a 100 dollar grocery bill. All stuff I would have bought anyway.

It gives me a good feeling saving so much. I am also trying to put a little towards my car payment each month. Thats a really hard one though.
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