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and so it goes....

This song may be about Joels divorce ...but to me it has so much more depth. I love everything about it.

when it first starts it reminds me of the hymn that was always played during communion when I was young and still had faith. The sunday mid morning mass at the Naval Academy.
My heart then becomes filled with that which i have lost and that which i will eventually lose. It is a deep sadness but also uplifting to realize these are things that i have/had the beauty of experiencing.

every now and then I have a vivid dream of rob passing. It is a terrifying time. I wake up in panic, have to call him (he works nightshift) or wake him up if he is beside me.  The only thing i fear more than my own death is the time where i may have to experience the passing of Rob. We already sort of made a pact that i would go first. Or else we would end up like those old married couples where one passes and the other one goes quickly after.
     That all sounds dramatic, I know.but after being so deeply involved with someone for so long and can only see us being together until this time....and  it makes you think of that time.

This song as horendously beautiful it is, it has also allowed me to come to terms with the end. To enjoy the present. cherish the past.

and so it goes....

In every heart there is a room
A sanctuary safe and strong
To heal the wounds from lovers past
Until a new one comes along

I spoke to you in cautious tones
You answered me with no pretense
And still I feel I said too much
My silence is my self defense

And every time I've held a rose
It seems I only felt the thorns
And so it goes, and so it goes
And so will you soon I suppose

But if my silence made you leave
Then that would be my worst mistake
So I will share this room with you
And you can have this heart to break

And this is why my eyes are closed
It's just as well for all I've seen
And so it goes, and so it goes
And you're the only one who knows

So I would choose to be with you
That's if the choice were mine to make
But you can make decisions too
And you can have this heart to break

And so it goes, and so it goes
And you're the only one who knows

by billy joel
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