Christine (lifeiswaiting4u) wrote,

Don't go to Marley Station Mall.

 This isnt some sort of joke or forward...I am very serious and incredibly pissed off.

As if it isn’t difficult enough juggling time, finances and and stress, someone has to go and steal our Car. Rob was at the Sears in Marley Station mall with Jimmy a total of 45 minutes to an hour and came out to a disapeared car. It was 5pm in broad daylight. Rob is compulsive when it comes to locking doors and making sure nothing valuable is showing.

3 days later the car was found. It had been in an accident, the theif crashed into a parked car. The man got away before police came to check out the ambulance. The ignintion was popped and the front of the car/ wheel its quite damaged. Luckily we had nothing in there that cant be replaced. But they did steal rob’s digital camera, the car seat base and the diaper bag. The car reaks and is trashed. We are so very lucky..there might be a chance its not totaled...but many of them are.

Im just trying to save you money and trouble. The towing place told us that it was the THIRD car stolen at marley station mall as of very recent.

Although we are angry and upset about this, we are also very lucky and thankful because it could have been worse. Jimmy and Rob could have been in the car or something like that. These type of things happen to show just what really matters in life.

Even though it sucks horribly!

anyway..what i’d like to say is don’t go to Marley station mall . They only have one security guard driving around. Its pathetic.

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