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I am so mad angry. This morning I come in… I wasn’t feeling all that well. I started to work and then had a question about some paperwork.  I look over to my left, where the other receptionist sits so that I could get her attention to ask her a question I needed answered.


She was writing an email about me! I didn’t mean to read it, but I totally did. Her screen is as clear as day.


It was one simple sentence in capital letters to the other receptionist about me. I had my phone on busy (a button that keeps calls from coming to my phone) and I hadn’t realized it. Why she needed to write an email to the other receptionist complaining about this I have no idea. Why she couldn’t just tell me…Hey your phone is on busy, again I don’t know.  I thought the relationship with my co-workers was a smooth one in which they could tell me if they had a problem with me, but I guess not!


Normally I wouldn’t care; I’m not the kind of person to worry about stuff like that but this really got to me. I told the other receptionist whom was the one to receive that email..that it bothered me and told I felt uncomfortable with the fact she couldn’t just tell me, but instead she had to mention something to someone else.


Later that day I looked over, and yes intentionally, I’m now paranoid. She was writing another email about me!! I only read a sentence before stopping myself; I really hate getting into other peoples business. This time her email was in smaller print and she kept looking at me as she was writing it.


I really hate this BS. I am nothing but nice to her, I stick up for her when other people are talking about her.


Anyway..I asked the boss if I could switch desks with the receptionist that sits across from us. That way I won’t feel the need to look at her emails and she can talk about me all she wants.

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